About Eric Olschwanger


Since 1991, Eric Olschwanger has been creating unique and exquisite jewelry “works of art”.

A native Dallasite, Eric began his career with an Israeli-based diamond importer and wholesaler. Fascinated by the lure of these rare and exotic gems, Eric found was he was meant to do. For over 10 years, he supplied some of the largest retailers in the country with their loose, certified diamonds. Always the artist, the skill of jewelry design came quite naturally.

“As a kid I was always drawing. I made my own comic strips, I was designing downtown skyscrapers that had so much detail, that looking back, were way ahead of their time. The small details are what really made some of those designs so special.”

“At the University of Texas, I became my fraternity’s artist. I designed t-shirts, posters, and so many other things, one of which was a class ring for a friend. Little did I know where that would lead.”

Eric has always strived to make his creations perfect. From specializing in Ideal Cut, G.I.A. (Gemological Institute of America) certified diamonds, to the use of CAD Design software and 3-D printing for the most accurate precision in jewelry design.

“I simply love what I do. I don’t sell jewelry, I create specific designs just for you. My designs are not stocked items. They are commissioned works of art, second to none in quality and beauty. I’m fortunate to be able to sit down with each one of my clients and listen to exactly what it is they want. My job and number one priority is to make sure the quality is exceptional and that you love it. My clients put their trust in me, and each one of my clients knows that I will give them the proper advice and guidance while creating their exquisite work of art.”