Repurposed Jewelry Design

Repurposed Jewelry RingIf you have jewelry that is a family heirloom, outdated or just not quite your style anymore, let Olschwanger Designs redesign a new piece of jewelry that you will adore and be proud to wear.

Almost any older piece of jewelry can be repurposed in some way, but just because it can be repurposed, doesn’t always mean that it should be. 
An excellent example of this is recasting the old metal into a new design. Basically, all finished jewelry is “contaminated”. Different alloys are mixed during the casting process to achieve wearable jewelry. To achieve WHITE gold, nickel is mixed in. To achieve ROSE gold, copper is mixed in. 
When a client says, “just melt down my old pieces, and then recast into a new design”, they don’t take into consideration that without separating the existing alloys, there’s a good possibility of porosity (pits in the new casting) appearing in the new design.
Repurposed Jewelry NecklaceMany, if not most jewelers out there will be happy to do this. It’s simple and cost efficient, but not quality craftsmanship. At Olschwanger Designs we believe in always using fresh casting grain in our castings to achieve a perfect piece. 
We’re also aware that sentimentality may come into play, and that might outweigh any advice we might give. We will always do what you want, but at the same time, feel a duty to give each and every client the right advice.
Whether the questions are about metal or simply reusing existing stones such as diamonds, sapphires, emerald, rubies, or opals to name a few, rest assured, Olschwanger Designs will advise you properly.

Examples of Repurposed Jewelry

  • Taking an old time piece and turning it into an exquisite bracelet

  • Taking a broach and turning it into a brand new pair of chandelier earrings
  • Taking an old broken wedding band and turning it into a brand new band for that special anniversary
  • Just to name a few

Better to show off those exquisite gems than to have them collecting dust in your dresser at home. Collaborate on a ring, pendant, earrings, bracelet or whatever entices your fancy.

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