The Custom Jewelry Design Process

Custom Jewelry Process for an Engagement RingThe custom jewelry design process is something I take great pride in and enjoy very much. Here is a little of what to expect during your consultation and moving forward.

Consult and Discuss

I take great pride in all of my creations at Olschwanger Designs. They are what separate me from other Dallas jewelry designers. When designing a piece of jewelry at Olschwanger Designs, I sit down with you and talk. We’ll sketch out different ideas based on your taste. Some of my clients love a contemporary design, some love the ornate or “antiquish” look. Whatever your taste, I’ll design a piece that you will fall madly in love with. At Olschwanger Designs, not only will we discuss qualities of stones we may be using, but I will also discuss alloys, precise measurements of each stone, positives, and negatives the design may have. (Some pieces that are made may look exquisite but may not be practical for daily wear.) I will break down every little cost there is to make the piece, from casting charges to stone setting. There will not be one aspect of your piece that I will not discuss with you in great detail.

Bring Your Design to Life

Custom Jewelry Process for a BroachAfter we agree on your design, I then transform my sketch drawing into a computer-generated-image that you can view from the privacy of your own computer. With the use of AutoCAD (Computer Aided Design), I can show you precise images of your piece from every angle possible. It is AWESOME! If you were not paying close attention, you would think that these images were actual photographs. After viewing, changes can be made to the design if necessary.

Hold a Life-Sized Model in Your Hand

Ring ModelsOnce we agree on the virtual image and no changes need to be made, the CAD program is fed into a machine that will then laser cut a piece of plastic that is PERFECT. The most gifted wax carvers in the world are only human. They cannot be as precise to fractions of millimeters like a computer can.


Cast Your Mold Into Alloy

Custom Jewelry Process for a Diamond RingAfter the plastic is GROWN, the foundation is made and only the finest alloys are used for casting. Once cast, my jewelers are magnificent! Whether it’s “micro-pave”, “bead”, or “channel” set, milgrained or filigreed, I truly believe that I have the finest craftsmen anywhere in the world.

Set and Finish to Perfection

Once all is done, it’s now up to you to cherish this exquisite work of art from Olschwanger Designs for the rest of your life.

A Work of Art is Born

As I said before, I take great pride in all of my creations…and you will too.